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Surname Search Many Windemuth descendants living in North America can trace their heritage back to Johannes Windemuth, born about 1624 near Allendorf, Hessen, Germany.  Johannes and his wife Beate Ludolsin had one surviving child Johann Christoph Windemuth, born 3 Apr 1676 in Allendorf.

Johann Christoph Windemuth married Maria Margarethe Kleppinger and had three surviving children that immigrated to North America in the 1730’s. 

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Anna Elisabeth - Windemuth descendants
Last updated November 19, 2015.

Anna Elisabeth was born on 09 Jan 1703 in Pfungstadt, Hessen, Germany.    She married Johannes Schnauber (Snover) about 1722.

Georg Philip - Windemoed descendants
Last updated November 19, 2015.

Georg Philip was born on 21 May 1705 in Pfungstadt, Hessen, Germany.  He married Maria Juliana Huber before 1740.  During the American Revolutionary War, many of his children were British loyalists who immigrated to Canada after the war.

Johann Georg - Windemuth descendants
Last updated November 19, 2015.

Johann Georg was born on 11 May 1711 in Pfungstadt, Hessen, Germany. He married Johanna Margaretha Elizabetha Bernhardt in 1739.

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