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Amundson Margaret   Venice Florida USA 7/12/2018
Armstrong Marolyn   Stafford Texas USA 1/17/2018
Baker Vickie S. Enid Oklahoma USA 2/11/2018
Beemer Paul H. Luguna Niguel California USA 7/29/2017
Brown Genevie E. Huntimgton Beach California USA 2/8/2017
Brown Kenneth W. Huntington Beach California USA 2/8/2017
Brown Lynn   Southington Connecticut USA 8/1/2018
Brown Naomi   Wilder Idaho USA 3/1/2019
Bryce Karen Wintermute Fairfax Virginia USA 8/1/2017
Canuteson Rebecca J. Gloversville New York USA 8/15/2018
Cooper Thomas M. Cleveland Heights Ohio USA 8/12/2017
Copple Cynthia Wilkie Coppell Texas USA 9/5/2019
Cosgrove Edward Vincent Needham Massachusetts USA 2/4/2018
Crimmel Mary E. Columbus Ohio USA 6/16/2018
Dana Marilou   Canton Ohio USA 2/24/2021
Davis Carole Wintermute Mehoopany Pennsylvania USA 7/9/2020
Day Keri   Beaverton Oregon USA 5/1/2017
DeLeeuw Shirley   Ancaste Ontario Canada 1/2/2020
Desei Reinhard   Odenthal   Germany 12/30/2017
Diffenbaugh Nicholas   Fairfax Station Virginia USA 5/3/2018
Dreher Dorothy   Black Creek Wisconsin USA 2/23/2018
Edgar Leslie   Davidsonville Maryland USA 1/16/2018
Ellis Donna Irene Port Stanley Ontario Canada 2/1/2018
Fish Jason   Vero Beach Florida USA 2/17/2018
Forer Ruth   Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania USA 8/2/2017
Guadalipe Bonnie Lorraine (Price) League City Texas USA 4/1/2017
Harrison Louis Eugene Benton Kansas USA 8/1/2017
Jendrasiak Edith   Raleigh North Carolina USA 10/5/2019
Jordan Marilyn   Decatur Illinois USA 1/4/2018
Kane Stephen D. Shade Ohio USA 3/1/2017
Klampe Analea   The Dalles Oregon USA 2/10/2018
Klampe Darrell   The Dalles Oregon USA 2/10/2018
Klemens Lynne   Normandy Beach New Jersey USA 2/11/2019
Lessens Phyllis J. Lowell Michigan USA 7/1/2017
Lee Garfield   Gabriola Island Dritish Columbia Canada 5/1/2019
Lee Garfield   Fitchburg Massuchusetts USA 5/1/2017
Lehmann Robert Allen Nashville Tennessee USA 4/1/2018
Loganbill Allen   American Fork Utah USA 5/4/2019
Marchant Norma   Baddeck Nova Scotia Canada 5/27/2019
McCullough Kay   Swartz Creek Michigan USA 1/26/2018
McLeish Edward B. Elora Ontario Canada 11/12/2018
Messer Katherine   Troy Michigan USA 3/17/2019
Middleton Peggy A. Douglas Wyoming USA 9/1/2018
Mills Marlene   Mill Valley California USA 9/1/2019
Mize Mary V. Overland Park Kansas USA 3/1/2017
Moreno Judith W. Raleigh North Carolina USA 10/31/2017
Noxon Joyce W. Fredericksburg Virginia USA 5/30/2018
Onderko Bridgette   Hillsborough New Jersey UAS 4/21/2018
Orsborn Kimberly S. Mount Vernon Ohio USA 8/2/2017
Owen Douglas Price League City Texas USA 4/8/2017
Parcher Jean   Reston Virginia USA 8/14/2019
Petersen Le Etta   Missoula Montana USA 6/7/2019
Phipps Kathryn   Lincoln Nebraska USA 8/1/2019
Pittenger Donald   Tucson Arizona USA 2/8/2018
Plants Mark   Atascadero California USA 1/1/2017
Robb Catherine W. Franklin North Carolina USA 1/1/2018
Rossi Susan   Pleasanton California USA 7/19/2019
Schneider Debra Brown Santa Rosa California USA 2/1/2017
Seggelin Patricia   Fitchburg Massachusetts USA 2/4/2017
Shackelton Jr Horace Ellsworth Dryden New York USA 1/1/2017
Sherk George A. Port Colborne Ontario Canada 6/1/2020
Schiffeler John William Verneuil-en-Bourbannais   France 5/9/2018
Skiba Linda   Ruby Michigan USA 8/1/2018
Skinner Cynthia B. Port Colborne Ontario Canada 11/1/2018
Snyder Joyce Ann   Marshalls Creek Pennsylvania USA 5/1/2019
Tiller Lois Jean Shupp Lake Anna Virginia USA 7/27/2018
Verzi Nancy   Safety Harbor Florida USA 4/20/2019
Wagstaff Alice E. Portland Oregon USA 2/1/2017
Walsh Amy   Chicago Illinois USA 4/24/2020
Weaver Donald   Tonawanda New York USA 2/14/2017
Weil Wilma F. Roy Utah USA 8/24/2019
Wild Sandra   Escalon California USA 2/20/2019
Williams Stewart Donald Fairfax Virginia USA 1/1/2020
Windemuth Richard   Hoersholm   Denmark 5/1/2018
Wintamute Robert Raymond Cayuga New York USA 2/1/2021
Wintermute Brian   Granville North Dakota USA 6/1/2018
Wintermute Brian   Beamsville Ontario Canada 6/3/2018
Wintermute Dean Edward Rusk Texas USA 1/1/2017
Wintermute Carlton H. Hopatcong New Jersey USA 9/4/2018
Wintermute Claire P. Wake Forest North Carolina USA 2/16/2017
Wintermute Dean E. Cooper Texas USA 4/1/2018
Wintermute Ed   Belmont Ontario Canada 4/7/2018
Wintermute James   Raleigh North Carolina USA 3/21/2018
Wintermute Joseph   Rochester New York USA 3/1/2020
Wintermute Kathryn Ella Selmer Tennessee USA 7/1/2017
Wintermute Roger W. Mehoopany Pennsylvania USA 1/1/2017
Wintermute William   Selmer Tennessee USA 2/10/2017
Yake Jean   Las Vegas Nevada USA 12/18/2016
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