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The Windemuth DNA Project

Is Neal Wintermute in Pennsylvania related to Leonard Wintermote in Nebraska?

Our genealogy research indicates they are sixth cousins, once removed, but are we sure? After all, 16th century documentation can be questionable. Family lore, adopted children and births out-of-wedlock create uncertainty.

To answer questions like this, the Windemuth DNA Project was initiated. Using Family Tree DNA, a testing laboratory, it is possible to determine with a high degree of certainty if two individuals have a common ancestor.

We hope to build a Windemuth DNA database that connects North American family members and eventually link them to Windemuth families in Europe.

The Windemuth DNA project is open to all males with the Windemuth surname or any of its variations. It is limited to males because the basis of Y-DNA analysis rests on the fact that a man passes his Y-DNA virtually unchanged to his male offspring.

Females who would like to check their paternal line can ask a male relative with the same surname to be tested.

Testing is simple and painless. Obtain a test kit, then self administer a cheek-swab and return it by mail. The advertised price is $169 but may be less when ordered through the Windemuth Project.

For more information or to order your DNA test kit, contact:

DNA Project Administrator. Susan Meier Phone: (916) 684-5368 (916) 717-3088 E-mail: smeier@windemuth.org

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