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Website Policy and Guidelines


  1.  The web site   www.windemuth.org   is the property of the Windemuth Family Organization.  It shall be used as a communications vehicle to promote the interests of the Family Organization and the biennial family reunion.

  2.  The Board of Directors is responsible for the web site and will develop Guidelines for its content and operation.  The Board may delegate operation and oversight of the web site to the Communications Committee.

  3.  A Web Master shall be appointed by the President to operate the web site in accordance with the Policies and Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors.  The Web Master shall be a member of the Communications Committee.


A.  Official Web site:

This web site is the property of the Windemuth Family Organization. 

B.  Guiding Principles:

   The Windemuth Family web site has several key roles:

·  Communicate information about the Family Organization

·  Encourage Windemuth descendants and related family lines to become active members

·  Collect and disseminate genealogical information on the Windemuth Family

·  Provide news, information and stories of interest to Windemuth descendants

·  Promote the biennial family reunion

C.  Content:

The Communications Committee is responsible for the content, function and look of the web site.  The web master shall work closely with the Committee to achieve the desired results.

D.  Privacy:

Personally identifiable information collected in any area of the web site will not be sold, rented or exchanged with any other organization or entity unless the user is first notified and expressly agrees in advance.

E.  Links to Other Sites:

Links to External web sites – All links are selected on the merits of the external web site and their value to the Windemuth Family Organization web site.

Links to the Windemuth Family Organization web site – Links to the Windemuth web site from other compatible organizations’ web sites are encouraged.  Permission is granted to link to any page of the web site as long as the Windemuth Family Organization’s pages and their content clearly appear as Windemuth Family Organization property.

F.  Advertising:

Advertisements promote only Windemuth Family Organization events, materials and activities.  No external advertising will be posted on the web site.

G.  Copyright:

Copyright Law protects the content of the web site and all rights are reserved.  Non-commercial use of web site content is permitted when the source is acknowledged.  Commercial use of web site content requires the approval of the Windemuth Family Organization Board of Directors.


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