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Windemuth Family Organization Bylaw

Amended 7/15/2015


The Windemuth Family Descendent Organization is organized to represent the family of Johannes (Johan) Windemuth of Allendorf, Germany. Known descendent family spellings are Windemuth, Wintamute, Wintemute, Wintermote, Wintermute, and Wintermuth.


The headquarters office shall rotate to the address of the duly elected president of the organization.


International meetings of the organization shall be held every two years at a time and location to be announced at least six months in advance by the president.


The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected at the biennial meeting for terms of four years and serve without compensation.  No officer shall be elected to more than three consecutive four-year terms without interim.   

If an elected officer becomes uncooperative and ceases to work for the good of the organization, a majority vote of the remaining three officers may remove the uncooperative individual from office.

If a vacancy occurs in any elected officer’s position due to resignation, death or removal from office, a majority of the remaining three officers may replace that officer.  The appointed individual will serve the remainder of the four-year term.

Officers should make themselves available to attend reunions. It is desirable that officers meet annually to oversee family business, review committee activity, and plan reunions. Other officer positions may be created by the membership, and other honorary titles may be granted by a vote of members at biennial meetings.

The president shall organize and chair the biennial meetings, appoint a chairperson and other members to serve on the various committees, and carry out all other presidential duties.

The vice-president shall carry out assignments made by the president and serve in the absence of the president. The vice president should diligently observe execution of presidential duties, especially the planning of reunions, in order to be prepared to serve as president if called upon or elected.

The secretary shall record and keep all official minutes of officer and reunion meetings of the membership. The secretary shall maintain the International mailing list, or designate another to maintain it, to be used for official purposes such as reunions, newsletters, or other official family business.

The treasurer shall be responsible for holding reunion and committee funds, make approved expenditures for all official organization and committee expenses, and issue financial reports at least quarterly to officers and committee chairpersons. Signatures of both the president and the treasurer shall be required on all organization checks.


Descendants shall be appointed by the president to serve at the pleasure of the president, serve without compensation, be expected to attend biennial reunions, and meet annually to conduct the business of the committees:

  1. The Nominating Committee should be made up of at least three members, representing various family branches when possible, and present a slate of officers for election at biennial meetings. Other nominations may be received from the membership.

  2. The Cemetery Committee should be made up of at least five members and serve at the pleasure of the president. At least one member should live near each of the emigrator burial sites in order to inspect and oversee care of any sites designated by the membership for care.

  3. The Genealogy Committee should be made up of at least five members and serve at the pleasure of the president. Committee members should be descendants of one of the several family names, and at least one should represent each of the known emigrator branches.

  4. The Communications Committee will manage or designate production of reunion notices, newsletters, and other related duties assigned by the president.

Additional committees may be created by members/officers and appointed by the president.


These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed by a majority vote of members attending a regular biennial meeting.


All officers and committee members, elected or appointed, are not individually or personally liable for obligations of the organization other than the treasurer who is responsible for the disbursement of dues, fees, and contributions placed in the care of the office.

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