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Past Reunions

Since 1981, family reunions have been held every two years in North America.  The first reunions took place in Stillwater, New Jersey on the property where Johan George Windemuth built his home in 1755.  Now the reunion is moved around North America making it accessible to more Windemuth descendants. 

Reunions are an international event.  Family members from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Denmark frequently attend. 

We encourage every descendant to attend a future reunion, even if you are unsure where you fit in the family tree.  Planned activities, interspersed with free time, allow plenty of opportunities to meet new cousins, catch up with distant family members and explore a new region of North America.  Windemuths whose families emigrated more recently as well as those living in Europe are always welcome.

Between August 5-1, 2010, forty North American Windemuth family members visited Germany to discover their ancestral heritage. View details of the event here: German Reunion.

1981 - Stillwater, New Jersey

1983 - Stillwater, New Jersey

1985 - Stillwater, New Jersey

1987 - Stillwater, New Jersey

1989 - Stillwater, New Jersey

1991 - Cleveland, Ohio

1993 - Stillwater, New Jersey

1995 - Chicago, Illinois

1997 - Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado

1999 - Niagara Falls, Canada

2001 - Branson, Missouri

2003 - Walnut Creek, California (Near San Francisco)

2005 - Frankenmuth, Michigan

2007 - Salt lake City, Utah

2009 - Rapid City, South Dakota

2011 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

2013 - Baraboo, Wisconsin

2015 - Santa Clarita, California

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