The Windemuth
Family Heritage


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Other Family Trees

The following family trees and genealogy studies containing the Windemuth name have been submitted to our genealogy chair.  At this time we are unable to make a direct connection between them and Johan Christoph Windemuth, our oldest known ancestor.  If you can help us make this connection, please contact genealogy@windemuth.org

A genealogical study of the Windemuth line of my ancestors
by Reinhard Desel
(pdf file size is 2.3 MB) Windemuth ancestors and descendants of pedigree dynasty Windemuth 

This file contains information on a line of “Volga German” Windemuths
by Viktor Hergert
(pdf file size is 1.3 MB) http://windemuth.ucoz.de

This is a link to the Windemuth website created by Victor Hergert My Family’s Life in Russia
The history of the Maria Teresa Windemut family when they lived in the Volga Region and in Siberia, Russia









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