The Windemuth
Family Heritage


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J.G. House




Walter Wintermute

Walter Johns Wintermute

The first "Wintermute Family Reunion" was held in Stillwater, New Jersey in 1981. (Later on, the name was changed to "Windemuth Family Reunion" to reflect the way the name was originally spelled) A large tent was erected near the original homestead built by Johan Georg Wintermute to serve as a meeting place and also to be used in case of inclement weather. Someone needed to preside over the reunion and since Walter was the one who had first envisioned having a family reunion and was the one who was the driving force in getting it started, he was appointed President.

Planning future reunions and setting up all the details requires a lot of work and with Walter getting on in years, he wasn't sure he could handle it. So, shortly after the first reunion Walter asked Neal Wintermute if he would take over as President. After careful consideration, Neal accepted the position and he became President starting with the 1983 reunion.


Neal Wintermute

Neal Duane Wintermute

Served as President from 1983 until 1999.

During Neal's tenure as President, Windemuth family reunions were held in several places including Stillwater, New Jersey - Cleveland, Ohio - Chicago, Illinois - Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado and Niagara Falls, Canada.


Janice Snyder

Janice Wintermote Snyder

Served as President from 1999 until 2003.

Janice took over as President at the 1999 reunion. The next two reunions were held in Branson Missouri and Walnut Creek, California. Janice passed away in April of 2003, a few short months before the Walnut Creek reunion. After the untimely death of Janice, Gene Dennis took over as President for the 2003 reunion.


Gene Dennis

Gene Dennis

Served as President from 2003 until 2013.

Upon taking over as President in 2003, Windemuth Family reunions have been held in Frankenmuth, Michigan - Salt Lake City, Utah - Rapid City, South Dakota - Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Baraboo, Wisconsin.

In 2010 there was a special reunion, or what I like to call a pilgrimage, to the homeland of our ancestors. It turns out that we have someone already in Germany more than willing to help us with Germany travel plans. Susan Wintermute is living and working in Germany and she and Gene had numerous long distance conversations in order to get everything arranged. After a few months of tedious planning, and with the help of a German travel agent, all plans were finalized. So, in 2010, from the United States and Canada 40 descendants traveled to Germany and met up with about 50 of our German "cousins". It was a wonderful time for everyone and hopefully we can do it again at some point in the future.


Audreyann Bresnahan

Audreyann Bresnahan

Is currently serving as President, 2013 until .......

Audreyann took over the Presidency toward the end of the 2013 reunion. She has been President for one reunion, the 2015 reunion which was held in Santa Clarita, California. At the present time she is very busy working with the hosts for the next family reunion which will be held in scenic Cape Breton Island, part of Nova Scotia, Canada from July 10th thru July 13th of 2017.

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