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Information  Submission  Form


If you wish to send us genealogy information online, please contact us at genealogy@windemuth.org and we will send you a link to a genealogy form that you can fill out and submit to us.  It seems the world is full of jerks whose only ambition in life is to spam websites with their garbage.  In order to prevent all the spam we have been getting, we have had to implement this new procedure.  We apologize for the inconvenience of having to do it this way, but it is something we needed to do.

All you need do is contact us at the above email address, and tell us you want to submit genealogy information.  We will send you a link to the genealogy form.  Simply fill it out and click on submit.  That's all there is to it.

If you prefer to print out a genealogy form, fill it out and then mail it to us, you may click here to print out the form.When filling out the form, please use a pen, preferably with black ink, and print legibly. 

Print out as many forms as you need, and when they are filled out mail them to:

Mike Johnson, Genealogy Chairman
20 Walsh Ct.
Brantford, Ontario N3T 5X9

You can also contact him by email at: mjohnson@windemuth.org


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