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Windemuth International Reunion

The 2017 Windemuth reunion was held in the village of Baddeck, located on scenic Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada July 10th thru the 13th.    Everyone who attended the reunion had a great time and are already looking forward to the next reunion which will be held in or near Stillwater, New Jersey during the Summer of 2019. 

Hosts for the 2017 event were Ed Wintermute and his wife, Linda; sisters, Norma (Wintermute) Marchant and her husband, Bill; and Donna (Wintermute) Ellis and her husband, Ed.  Everyone who attended the reunion gathered in Bill and Norma's home town on the shores of the Bras d'Or Lakes in the beautiful village of Baddeck.  Together, they explored the unique history, culture, and natural beauty of the area.  Everyone enjoyed the well known Atlantic Canada hospitality.  "Ciad Mille Failte!" (100,000 Welcomes!)


If you missed the reunion, here are photos of places in and around Baddeck.


Light House

Summertime view of the Baddeck Lighthouse, one of several points of interest we will be visiting


Alexander Graham Bell Museum




Statue of Alexander Graham Bell and his wife, Mabel, sitting on a visitor's bench, overlooking Baddeck harbour



A lobster fisherman at work in Green Cove



From the trail of Usige Ban Falls



Baddeck Harbour at dusk



Baddeck River Falls colors



One of many beautiful coastline scenes on the Cabot Trail



Baddeck Anchorage at dusk



View from the Alexander Graham Bell Museum



Beinn Breagh (Alexander Graham Bell home at left) and lighthouse at dusk



Kidston Lighthouse



Fortress Louisburg National Park


Image 11

Baddeck Harbour (and Norma's house)


Image 12

The rocky coastline of Cape Breton



Green Cove (in the Cape Breton National Park)



View of Baddeck Harbour and Kidston Island



Neil's Harbour, on the Cabot Trail


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