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German Reunion Report

Between  August 5-15, 2010, forty North American Windemuth family members visited Germany to discover their ancestral heritage.  The 10 day reunion event, a tour by private coach, began near Pfungstadt, the birthplace of Johan Georg Windemuth.  From there they traveled to Kerzenheim and then on to Rüdesheim where they cruised the Rhine and enjoyed the beauty of medieval castles towering above the banks.
The tour continued through wine country to Bad Sooden-Allendorf where Johann and Beata Windemuth lived.  Four days were spent in this beautiful area taking side trips into the countryside.   Many Windemuth descendants who still live in the area were invited to join the tour group for a reception and banquet at Bad Sooden.


Follow this link to view photos of the reunion tour.  Photo Gallery

Tour Diary

Louise Duke submitted her diary of the tour.  Enjoy the trip as viewed through her eyes by clicking here

News Coverage

Follow these links to discover coverage of the reunion tour by the local German news media.
German Tour Itinerary
Newspaper Coverage by The Witzenhausener Allegemeine   
Radio interview by Philip Artelt,  hr4 mein Radio on 11-Aug-10